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5 user6817628

My fiancé and I have been looking for a home for awhile now and have had numerous people show us homes, they never once explained anything to us. Finally we met Debby, and all I can say is she is amazing. She actually took the time to explain the entire process to us, since this would be our first home we had no idea what we were doing to be honest. But she helped us every set of the way, she took into consideration what type of home we wanted, instead of just trying to sale us something. She is very good at keeping in touch as well. I would recommend her to anyone. And Debby if you can read this I just want to say thank you very much. Keep being you and keep up the good work, you work very hard and most people probably don’t realize that.

5 user2178507

I love working with her. She is prompt and very fast to get back with you. She is willing to come show houses at any time any day. She is the one to go to if you are looking for your next “home.”

5 user30183668

She is very good at what she does. She responds very quickly and keeps in touch with us weekly. upbeat personality always. We have faith in her that our home will sell in the spring or even earlier………

5 nefftom1

Fantastic no-how. From start to finish everything was explained. And then getting things worked out by thinking outside the box and getting everyone to the closing table was a huge deal. Never made mountains out of molehills and got the job done.

5 kaferbug

Debby is very professional. We really appreciated her excellence in communicating both via email and phone and her flexibility with her schedule. She is a great communicator, easy to work with and she was on top of everything from start to finish. We would definitely recommend.

5 markcoll2

It is a difficult time trying to buy a house these days, than add in the fact that you live in a different state 800 miles away and it can become a real problem. With Debby it was a very enjoyable experience. She handled all the issues that arose during the process, she helped with everything from making the offer to suggesting a closing attorney. She tock care of the home inspection and recommended the contractors that were needed to fix the isues that were found in the inspection. All reputably people that did excellant work. This was a second home for us, and it was a long process nearly 3 years. Debby never applied an sales presure and was always there when we needed her. She always made time in her schedule to show us anything that we wanted to see, she also kept us up to date with what was on the market. Because of her proffesionalism it made our house buying an enjoyable experience. I can not say enough good things about her. I will reccomend her to everyone that I know. People like her are hard to find these days, she really cared about our needs and wants, and we could never have closed if it wasn’t for her. Thanks Debby Mark & Laurie Collins

5 medwarddean

Debby is the best in the state! She always goes above and beyond. Debby has sold several house for me and helped me find several lots to buy. She is very knowledgable and know how to help met your needs.

5 skellerpope

Debby is a very knowledgeable, intelligent, motivated realtor. We have bought and sold through her several times. You can’t go wrong with her expertise.

5 iayala916

I contacted Debby Bullock-Benfield in order to sell my North Carolina property while I was living out of state. Debby’s knowledge of the area and her contacts made this transaction possible. I was expecting my house to sit on the market for the long haul and Debby had it sold within three months. If you are considering listing your property, I would highly recommend contacting Debby Bullock-Benfield.

5 tvanderlinden

Debbie was always available for any questions, concerns I had about anything. She is a very kind and up beat person and the experience with selling my house was worry free as she took care of any problems that arose. I highly recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home.

5 jaredbirchum

Debby was very knowledgeable about the housing market. She had greats response time to any of our questions, she was well prepared and had everything we needed. She was flexible and very respective of our time. She climbed ladders, went under homes and opened doors to the great unknown:). I would highly recommend her to anyone!

5 user6182152

Debby is extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of buying and selling a home. She has a wonderful reputation and I would highly recommend you talk to her before any one else!

5 user03542522

I have been a real estate lawyer for 30 years and have dealt with many brokers. I can honsetly say that Debby is one of the best. She is a pleasure to work with. She is diligent, thoughtful and honest, and extremely knowledgable at the same time. Highest possible recommendation! High praise for Debby!

5 KellyDawnMcCluskey

I have bought and sold over 600 houses, so I know a good agent when I work with them. Debbie was awesome. She worked with all my contactors to make sure the work was being done right and on time. Then, when it came time to get the house sold, she did not only get the asking price of $84,900, she got an offer for $93,000 and it closed on time. Loved working with this agent and I would use her again if I invest in her area.

5 user9390484

Debbie took care of everything from beginning to end. Even helped us upgrade things in the house before we moved in. I have also used here to sell homes as well. Everything was fantastic with that as well.

5 chastad46

It is impossible to describe how much Debbie did for us selling my Father-In-Law’s home, when he moved to be near us in Raleigh. Debby came highly recommended by many people. We engaged her in August of last year, and Debby got right to work helping us list the house. It was unoccupied, so Debby took control and organized work contractors, etc to get it into shape (above and beyond). Her advice was spot-on! When she listed it in April we immediately had strong qualified interest from two parties. Debby guided us through the process and we had an offer in less than 30 days from listing! But there were details, details and more details to be dealt with, including new surveys, repairs, etc. The bureaucratic process with county, surveyor, lawyer, banks, and buyer would have been impossible to navigate without Debby’s expert help. All the while she kept everyone (and I mean everyone!) informed. Looking back, we are Sooooo very grateful for Debby. She is the absolute BEST! THANK YOU DEBBY!

5 sara gresbach

My fiance and I were looking to purchase our first home, a friend had recommended Debby to us. She was fantastic through the whole process and made it really stress free. Shes a very down to earth people person with a great attitude. she worked around our schedules and made the process great. will buy our next home from Debby!

5 zuser20140418124222860

My husband and I contacted Debby to help us find our first home. She was always available and accommodating, quickly finding several properties for us to check out. We are truly grateful for the way she held our hand through the buying process. She was an amazing advocate and negotiator for us as the buyers. Debby’s expertise and knowledge of the area was amazing and made the buying process smooth.

5 zuser20140530155155456

We moved rather quickly and Debby took over and made sure that the whole process of preparing our house for sale, showing the house, and selling the house went smoothly. She recommended and coordinated work with painters, contractors, landscapers and others. Her knowledge and help saved us lots of time, money and headaches. We are extremely appreciative of Debby’s help and expertise. She was always available to us and on top of our situation. Paul & Kirsten Birner

5 user2766855

Debbie went out of her way to provide excellent service to me. When we had complications due to some issues that came up before closing, she was great. She was there to keep us calm and help us make repairs. I do not believe any other agent would have done what Debbie did. I would tell anyone in the area to use Debbie as your agent. You will not be sorry.

5 zuser20140722162634221

Debby was very knowledgeable of the housing market, structure of the home, finances and services that needed to be done. She went out of her way to make sure things were taken care of by closing. She was not afraid to go under homes with my husband, climb letters to investigate, or open doors that looked iffy. She treated us with honesty, truth and respect. We we’re not one of her larger home buyers and you would never have know it, that should say it all. She was a true pleasure to work with.

5 user7407813

Debby was great to work and spent so much time with us! We would recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy a house. Her knowledge of the area and the people there made our transition much, much easier. Thank you Debby!

5 zuser20140224122948857

Debby helped us sell our home four years ago when we moved to MN. We were already in MN when the home sold after only a few weeks on the market and even though it was long distance all went smooth as possible. So naturally when we wanted to move back we asked Debby to help in the process. We only had a few days to choose a home and she was there to show any home we wanted to see or answer any question we had. She made the process of a long distance purchase go fairly easy. Thanks Debby

5 user0844894

Amazing realtor! Debby was amazing. My fiancé and I were first time homebuyers, and so as you can imagine, were also a bit on edge about the process. Debby was there throughout the whole process anytime we needed her. She stayed on our lender’s tail about the deadline, and believe me our lender was a difficult one, but Debby was there, pushing them and keeping everything on track. She helped to keep us calm and made everything so much easier.

5 user1536112

Debbie was awesome. She helped my family and I through the whole process. She was there to answer any questions that we had. She made sure things were getting done the right way and if they weren’t she got them corrected. If we ever need any real estate advice Debbie is definitely who we will call!

5 guitarlady1848

Debbie not only helped us expertly, she went above and beyond in her duties. She was always pleasant and ready to answer any questions we had. I truly would reccommend her to anyone who wants someone professional and courteous at all times. She really knows what she is doing and does it in a 5 star manner!

5 pdpage12

Debby is awesome!!!! We were so lucky to have Debby helping us through our process. She was always there when we had any concerns, with not only knowledge but the caring support to ease our stress. She was extremely punctual with any requests made by our relocation company. I would recommend Debby to anyone that needs help with selling or buying a home. Thank you Debby for being who you are and doing what you do.

5 fryet65

When I contacted her about listing the house she came out that day. She explained what all the details of listing the house and how she would go about doing it. It was listed on Wednesday and sold on Friday, yes just 2 days on the market.

5 zuser20150809191747004

Debby took on a huge task with selling my family home. She had to delicately negotiate with the other siblings listed on the deed, handle issues that arose because we lived out of town and had to please everyone. Somehow, she did it with ease! Debby handled everything like the pro that she is. I am grateful for all her help and insight. I truly don’t think this deal could have closed if I had another realtor. I would recommend Debby and her agency for any real estate needs. Thank you for making my life easier, Debby!

5 biglou9311

Debby goes above and beyond the call for her customers. She responds in a timely manner to all of my requests. She is extremely flexible and would show me homes around my crazy work schedule. She treated my home purchase as if it was her first priority and answered the never ending questions and concerns that I had as new home buyer. Her knowledge of the area and experience in negotiating made my first purchase a smooth and pleasant experience. I would recommend Debby with her skills, knowledge and experience in the market to anyone buying or selling! She is tops in my book!

5 bolick6

She went above and beyond to help my mother in selling a rental home. She stuck it out with my mom, when I think many real estate agents would have thrown in the towel. It was a house we thought might never sell, but Debby managed to do the impossible.

5 mccrary david1

Debby was very knowledgable and helpful. She offered good advice on effective steps to make the property more attractive to buyers and was responsive through the whole process.

5 user6884783

Debby was very helpful on the steps to take to get our property ready for sale. She gave excellent advise and was always available to answer any questions we had. Our property sold quickly due to her experience and dedication.

5 bgood47

Debby went out of her way to help me sell my house. She helped me sand and paint walls..She went above and beyond the call of duty Very knowledgeable.

5 slavine44

We bought our home several years ago from Debby and she was incredibly knowledgeable about what needed upgrading and/or repair before the sale went through. So when we needed to sell it due to health issues, we chose Debby to assist us once again. Despite the fact that there was a glitch or two throughout the process of selling (seller’s delay due to bank processing, e.g), Debby was nonetheless always the most positive and optimistic throughout the entire process. I liked that and it reassured me that all would be ok. Debby is a warm and caring person regarding her customer(s) and, as mentioned, has a thorough working knowledge of most all aspects related to buying & selling a home. If she didn’t happen to know an answer, she found the answer from one of her many colleagues and/or resources in the field of construction. Debby also worked in a most timely manner, and always related information directly to us. We were temporarily in MN throughout the process of selling our house, so I was again most grateful that she kept us “in the loop.” Bottom line: I would use Debby again in a heartbeat if we were buying or selling another home. She is “THE BEST” and is, in my opinion, definitely a 5-star realtor!!

5 user66534579

Debby is a person who’s knowledge in home sales are great. Debby has sold two homes for us and now in the process of closing on a Townhome for us at this time. Thanks to a Professional and a friend.

5 nanamorrow14

I would highly recommend Debby as a realtor. She genuinely cares about her clients both personally and professionally. Debby is readily available both nights and weekends. She met the needs of my family not only as a seller but a buyer as well. including nights and weekends.

5 caitmmiller

Debby was perfect. Worked with us seamlessly and happily. Her knowledge of the area was great, more so in that she could tell us which neighborhoods would be safer for a single woman. Any house we saw she would tell us what she thought about the surrounding area. She made the whole process easy and stress-free, was more than happy to explain things me as a young, first-time buyer didn’t understand, and could recommend all different people to use for inspections, repair, etc. She felt very much like one of the family, and someone I can trust with whatever my need. We found just the right place thanks to her.

5 motorhead5354

Debby was a pleasure to work with. Always on top of everything. Easy to contact. I live out of state and she even took my place at closing. Can’t ask for more. She also is going to handle my rental property. Thanks Debby!

5 brettad3295

If you’re looking to buy a house, let Debby assist you. She not only knows the market inside and out, but is responsive, a heck of a negotiator, and the most important to me, she knows construction and can point out any mistakes/damage/repairs needed while looking at houses and deciding on making an offer.

5 wdhalper

Debby was “spot on” with her advice on how to make our property more attractive to buyers. Removing old carpet to expose hardwoods, decluttering and replacing very old windows helped us to make an early sale. We highly recommend her!

5 eleigh431

I highly recommend Debby! She is knowledgeable, professional, and always there to answer questions. Once she saw what I liked in a house she tailored her search to match my preferences. She’s awesome!

5 butter148308

Debby found us the home that checked every box of our wish list before our even hit the market! She was a fantastic help and was a pleasure to work with.

5 kbrewer189

She was absolutely amazing with this being our first time buying. Was able to get us more than what we knew to ask and helped us with any questions we had at any time.

5 user4459737

Debby was a pleasure to work with and took the stress out of the home purchasing process. She explained all steps of the process in the beginning and walked us through each step as it was time. Debby also was highly accessible and has great communication skills. A highly recommend Debby for any home purchasing needs.

5 zuser20151108181715003

My wife and I could not be happier with Mrs Benfields knowledge and performance. She will work tirelessly to find you the home that suits your needs. We could not have been happier with our home and the ease that Mrs Benfield brought to the home buying process. We were very lucky to meet Mrs Benfield while looking ato homes, but do not leave your home buying to chance call Mrs Benfield when your ready to find your home.

5 galfriday09

Debbie was very knowledgeable, always there when I needed her. Always returned my calls in a short time. Help me with some personnel closing issues. Iwould not hesitate to recommend Debbie to friends.

5 rguido6

We’ve already recommended her! We were out of town when our home sold but she took care of every detail. She is dependable and always willing to do whatever she can to ease any concerns you may have. She is very knowledgeable and gives great advice. We definitely plan to use her expertise in the future.

5 reflection75

Very professional, yet friendly and helpful. We heard back from her quickly and she was on time when we were meeting her to look at property. Quite knowledgeable.

5 angelafox0927

Debby was extremely helpful with our first time home buying experience. We had some issues with our inspection and she helped negotiate repairs and made sure everything was taken care of in the contract. She was always there to answer my billions of questions! We will absolutely use her in the future anytime we plan to buy/sell.

5 nursegron

Debby was extremely helpful in helping us secure and close on the house of our dreams. She answered every question we had during this anxious time of buying a new home. Debby and her expertise was very efficient and I would highly recommend Debby for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We can’t say enough good things about Debby. We hope that she will help us sell our old home.

5 mcclainmail

Debby listed our house. We contacted her before we were ready to list to get her advice. She spent the time with us to get us on the right track and determine any changes we needed to make. Her advice was spot on. She has a very good eye for details and a excellent grasp of the strengths and weakness of a property. Our listing was skillfully done highlighting all the key features. Her work on the comps was right on target in the beginning and adjusted as we moved through the process. After the contract was signed she stayed on top of things until closing. I have already recommended her to a friend.

5 gbmetsgirl

Debby was fantastic from day one! She came and took great photos of the house for us and kept us updated during each step of the process. Superb service and handled everything so we didn’t have to worry at all 🙂

5 kaferbug

One of the best realtors in Catawba County. She knew exactly what to market our home for and due to her expertise Debby sold our home in 1 day on the market in July 2016.

5 jc101252

“Debby did a fantastic job assisting us in the purchase of our lot. As an out-of-town buyer it was critical for us to have someone that could stay on top of things locally. Debby knew all the people we needed to talk to to get verification of our plans for the lot, arranging multiple meetings with critical points of contact from the County and Duke Power. Her coordination through the closing process was flawless, even though we executed a remote closing. This entire purchase process was made extremely easy by Debby’s thorough knowledge of the real estate purchase process, complete understanding of the Hickory real estate market and her meticulous attention to detail. Thanks Debby!”

5 brittanydavis627

Debby did a wonderful job of helping us through all the details of selling our house from another state. She was able to answer all our questions and made sure we had all the paperwork we needed. Thank you for helping us Debby!

5 houserjeremy

Debby was wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home! She went above and beyond to get our house sold and with the purchase of our new house.

5 generatorgal

Debbie is very professional and very easy to deal with. I purchased a home from her and she has listed and sold a home for me – couldn’t have dealt with anyone more professional – she always follow through and is available to assist 24/7. Would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home – she is my one stop shop.

5 jcrook1003

Debby is a great real estate agent. She acted as if I was her only client. She was knowledgeable, capable and always on top of everything. She sold my house within four weeks. She knew how to price the house and the things that should be done to make a quick sale. She always kept me up to date on where things were. Selling my house was a great experience and not stressful because she was so confident and gave me confidence.

5 dadcox34

Debby was wonderful to work with! She made selling my house a breeze. And buying my new place even easier! She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of buying and selling. Definitely who I would use again!

5 sunshineyday13

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Debby Bullock-Benfield. We asked her to give us advice so that our house would sell quickly and at a good price. She told us what she really liked about the house and then made suggestions about the things that we could do to make it even more marketable . The house sold very quickly and we were very happy with the price.

5 vickigreen1956

Debby is extremely knowledgeable and was able to list and show my home over one weekend with offers that ended in a contract from those showings. My home listed and closed in under 3 months. I don’t know of any other agent that gives each person listing the good service she does. Debby gives equally good attention to buyers that she represents. I had another home listed for many months and she brought the buyer to that listing. From being familiar with Debby from both, she is an agent I would recommend to both buyers and sellers. Any questions I had were answered quickly and I was kept informed as the process progressed. If you are looking for a new home and/or selling a current one give Debby a call, you will be glad you did!!

5 Eclifford86

Debby helped me with the purchase of a new house in Hickory. She did a great job of showing potential homes and was extremely knowledgeable about all phases of the process. She did a great job of negotiating and was extremely responsive. She stays on top of things and always follows through. I highly recommend her. I have worked with several other reactors in the area and she is the best.

5 huffmankt0707

My husband and I believed were ready to buy our first home, but didn’t have the first clue about the home-buying process. Debby was so patient in explaining and walking us through every step of the process. She was SO knowledgeable about real estate and homes and gave us great advice throughout the process. She was 100% wonderful to work with!!

5 waltonbi

She found us a buyer quickly and also found us an excellent new home. I worked with one of her associates primarily, but the service was excellent. I would use her again.

5 jeremy buchanan9889

My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience buying our first home. Debby was everything we could have asked for and more as our agent, and I highly recommend working with her. She’s knowledgeable, hard working, and truly puts her clients first.

5 marrissachurch9889

Debby was exceptional to work with. My husband and I purchased our first home, and Debby made the process as easy as we could have imagined. She’s extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. Very impressed with her professionalism and would HIGHLY recommend her as an agent.

5 user9496244

Debby is a delight to work with. Very knowledgeable of structural and mechanical aspects of each home. She has fantastic follow through and easy to contact. She responds to questions quickly and accurately. I would highly recommend her. Pat Drolet

5 jblong62

She was very helpful with the selling process of my home. She let me know the improvements that I needed to do to get the interest up on my home. I would highly recommend her to anyone selling their home.

5 jennifer lindsay1

Debby was very attentive and helpful from the time we put our house on the market until the time we sold the house. We had a contract on our house in just under two weeks. She was always available when we had questions. Debby is extremely knowledgeable and we always felt confident with her guidance during the process of selling our home. Debby helped us buy and sell our home so we have had the opportunity to see how hard she works. I would definitely recommend Debby to anyone buying or selling their home!

5 user62540857

Debby went above and beyond in helping us find a home! I highly recommend her. She won’t quit until you find what you’re looking for. Our search was a long one and many times I wanted to quit but she kept encouraging us and showing us house after house until we found one that met our needs!

5 liz bauer09

Debby was great to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market, home construction, and home repairs. She was able to discuss specifics with us about how each home was constructed, and potential problem areas. She even put us in touch with a general contractor able to do some work on our new home before we move in! She was also very flexible and showed us many homes in the evenings and on the weekends. In addition to all of this, Debby is very down to earth and friendly – she’s just a great person. I would strongly recommend Debby to anyone in the area.

5 me darren

Really enjoyed our experience with Debby! What really stood out was her backround in being a contractor and what that brought to our home hunting experience. Being able to point out how and why homes were constructed the way they were and what to look for as far as quality and potential really helped us to find our perfect home! She was also very personable and flexible with us and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a property in her area! Thanks again Debby for finding us a great home!

5 zuser20170212121738450

Debby is very professional. She handled all our needs in a very timely fashion. Our sale was very difficult for her since we had already moved to Buffalo, NY. She handled everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property in the Hickory, NC area. She is the perfect real estate agent!

5 tallison42

We have used Debbie on two occasions and both have been outstanding! Debbie is a pleasure to work with. Along with her knowledge of the market and her great personality you will not find a better relator in the state!

5 zuser20170130122353479

If you’re looking for a realtor in Catawba County you need to contact Debby Bullock-Benfield! I can’t even begin to say enough about this lady and all she’s done to help my little girl and I find our forever home! Debby works hard for her clients and does everything in her power to make the process flow smoothly. I feel beyond blessed to not only be purchasing a beautiful home but to have connected with this wonderful lady!

5 tcec2416

12 years ago Debby helped us with buying our home and 12 years later we chose her to help us sell our home and she did not disappoint! Debby was so helpful, honest, friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable. At our initial meeting with Debby, she told us our house would sell quick and she wasn’t lying! She went straight to work to back what she said. My husband and I are very grateful for all Debby did for us. If anyone is needing to buy or sell a home, I give you my word Debby will do her best to make it an exciting and pleasing experience for you.

5 anthonystafford79

I was a first time home buyer and Debbie made the process for me very enjoyable. She guided me through the home selection process, negotiations with the seller, and all the other processes with buying a home. She represented my interest very well and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home.

5 BrettDevlin

Debby is the best, not only is she knowledgeable in real estate and the housing market, but shes also a licensed general contractor and was able to point out any issues while searching for a home. I highly recommend using her.

5 RichardIddings

This was the first time selling a home. Debbie and Paige were great to work with and very knowledgeable. They know the area very well and the whole selling process was very simple and smooth. Highly recommend!!

5 jennyblack2

Our experience with Debby was A # 1, top-notch, the best service ever!!!! She was knowledgeable, flexible, punctual, and there wasn’t anything that we requested that she didn’t make happen…She is a pleaser, and she has a solid can-do attitude that surpasses any other realtor we have done business with in the past. Not only is she highly professional, but she also happens to have a great personality, and free spirit! We adored working with her ! She literally makes me want to buy another house! A mover and shaker with a good heart and an old soul!!

5 btwalton42

Debbie is great to work with. She is very knowledgeable of the area and communicates well throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks.

5 momofbam

When we got with Debbie our home had been with a high producing, sweet Realtor locally for six months with no results or conversations. Debbie blew in with fresh ideas..agreed about dropping price a bit and was a ball of energy. Posted our home everywhere..took great pictures that made folks want to see more. SOLD in two weeks. That is a realtor you want on your side. Sweet does not sell..hard work does..Debbie works hard for you.

5 steve Nowak

The best way to put it is she is truly a professional realtor unlike many others I’ve dealt with. She has a great knowledge of the industry, the markets and a wealth of smarts when it comes to the construction side of selling homes. Her experience really shows through when it came to the negotiations, she always had my best interest in mind. If you look in the dictionary for realtor you should find her picture!

5 thvanderlinden4

Debbie has helped me several times in selling two homes and purchasing one. She is always honest, friendly and extremely knowledgeable of current rules and regulations to aid in any situation. I trust her completely.

4 sadiebsaine93

My experience with Debby Bullock-Benfield was excellent. We were able to complete the house buying process with ease and had a lot of support through her staff to make our experience as least stressful as possible.

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Debby Bullock-Benfield/Hickory, North Carolina Realtor - Check out this great 3 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome with double garage in NE Hickory! $214,900.,-81.258317,35.753826,-81.382428_rect/12_zm/?view=public

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